…begins with a single step. Not to say that creating a blog is a thousand mile journey, but the principle applies. This will mark my first post for Games by Design as well as my first blog post ever. First just a bit about me, then I’ll get to the games. I’ve lived my whole life in Southern Indiana, and therefore I’ve never met a game designer in person. I’ve never met anyone who works in the game industry at all, and yet my passion for video games, board games, card games, yard games, and just games of all sorts, has lead me to pursue a career in the video game industry. I think that games have the potential to entertain us, teach us, tear us down, build us up, and in general just move us in ways that no other medium can. Games have entertained and taught me for most of my entire life, and I think that it’s about time that I start making games to teach, inspire, and move others.

So enough about me. Moving on to the games and what this blog is for. I intend for this blog to serve as a sort of public journal to document my “journey of a thousand miles” through finding a job in the gaming industry, designing games, playing games, hating on, bashing on, learning about, and just loving on games. With each of my blog posts I will try to 1) provide a brief update on at least one of my many, current personal or professional game projects, 2) comment on a recent happening within the gaming industry that I may find particularly interesting or absurd, and 3) detail an experience that I have had recently while playing a game that has altered in some way how I view this game in particular or games/gaming in general.

I promise to try to make this blog as interesting as possible while keeping each post within a reasonable length. I know that when reading, I want information delivered to me as concisely as possible, so that is how I will attempt to present it as well. I hope that my posts might be insightful, inspiring, and worth the time it takes to read them. Just like a good game, I will try to entertain, inform, and inspire.


Evan Barmes, game designer (forever) in training