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Although I keep telling myself that I shouldn’t release a playable version of The Mole until it looks and feels halfway decent, I’ve been advised by several more experienced than I that anything playable is better than a thousand pictures and videos. So here you have it, The Mole’s prototype v. 0.1. As you play please remember that the visuals are far from final and even the gameplay is quite a ways from what the finished game will feel like. With that said, please enjoy! Let me know what you like, what you get stuck on, what your time was, any glitches you find, really just any feedback that you can offer would be tremendously helpful. Comment here, post on Facebook, tweet at me, or email me directly at

Click the respective link to download the prototype, and have fun!




And as always check out my Kickstarter and Greenlight pages for more info on the game and consider donating (on Kickstarter) or Up-Voting (on Greenlight) if you want to see it made. Thanks for stopping by!


A proper post will be coming soon, with a proper introduction for the mole, but for now I’ve been a little behind schedule, so here is a little something to play with that demonstrates a little how the vision will work for the AI in the game. (Woah, what a run-on.) You can play around with the demo for yourself here. Check back soon to finally learn about this shady mole guy who, until I can find a proper artist, will be represented by this rendering of mine that just so happens to look like one of the Blues Brothers! P.S. I hope you like the new theme. The last one just made everything too… skinny.

The Mole: Tech Demo 2 - Vision